NutraBlast Biotin 5000 mcg Enhanced with Coconut Oil – Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins – Made in USA (Strawberry Gummies)


Give Your Hair, Nails & Skin A Shiny, Youthful Glow – Starting Today! Has your hair started thinning lately? Have your nails started to become more brittle and fragile? Have


Give Your Hair, Nails & Skin A Shiny, Youthful Glow – Starting Today! Has your hair started thinning lately? Have your nails started to become more brittle and fragile? Have you noticed changes to your skin’s color and texture? If this is the case, are you sure you’re not suffering from biotin deficiency? Would you like to check out a perfectly safe nutritional supplement that will strengthen your hair and nails and raise your energy levels? You’re in luck! NutraBlast may just have the perfect product for you! Come up with the money for Yourself The Revitalizing Benefits Of Vitamin H Vitamin H, sometimes called vitamin B7 and biotin, is a nutrient your body needs to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and aminoacids, the building blocks of protein. That’s why biotin is essential for healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver. Vitamin B7 is, on the other hand, water soluble, so it cannot be stored in the body. By making sure your vitamin B7 levels do not fall below the normal level, you’ll prevent yourself from feeling weak and tired because of your metabolism becoming slower. Biotin is also critically important for normal embryonic growth – that’s why it’s crucial for women to ensure that do not suffer from biotin deficiency all over pregnancy. A Single Tasty Strawberry Gummy Per Day Keeps B7 Deficiency Away! Even as biotin deficiency is not as common as it used to be, its symptoms are still very unpleasant and include brittle and thin fingernails, hair loss, dermatitis and even neurological symptoms such as depression, lethargy and more. Expectantly, these biotin nutritional supplement gummies are absolute safe, have no side effects and have a great strawberry taste! So What Are You Waiting For? Click ‘Add To Cart’ Already!
GIVE YOUR METABOLISM AN ENERGY BOOST: Vitamin B7 is a vital part of a healthy metabolism; it’s used to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and aminoacids and turn them into energy. By keeping your biotin levels high, you’ll help make sure your body has all the energy it needs!
STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR, SKIN & NAILS: Low levels of biotin can lead to brittle nails, dull-looking skin and thinning hair. That’s why vitamin B7 is found in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin. When taken as a health supplement, biotin helps you maintain your hair and nails healthy and strong!
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At NutraBlast, we have absolute faith in our nutritional support products’ quality. We use them ourselves daily to supplement our own diets, after all! If by any chance you do not find your flaxseed oil to your satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact us – our products are protected by a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked!
NO SIDE EFFECTS: There are no reported cases of adverse effects from receiving high doses of vitamin B7. Research has shown that humans could tolerate doses far greater than those of their nutritional requirements – contrary to most diet supplements on the market.
GREAT FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS: Pregnant women tend to have a high risk of biotin deficiency, which may cause serious consequences in the infants. A vitamin B7 supplement like this could prevent any such deficiencies. In any case, consult your gynecologist to learn more about pregnancy and biotin.