FastBlast™ Banana-Berry Smoothie (1 Box with 12 Pouches), Supports Intermittent Fasting with Limited Caloric Intake , Organic, Nutritional & Natural Formula With Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & More

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At Last, The Most Reliable Intermittent Fasting Smoothie Has Just Been Released!

Fed up with …

… terrible and even harmful diets?

… starving yourself to death?

… ineffective weight loss supplements?

… having to fast for whole weeks?

… large and hard to swallow pills?

Well, Fail to remember about feeling hungry anymore. Fail to remember about counting calories. Fail to remember about feeling weak and tired always.

With a banana berry smoothie, of course!

Now you’ll fast on the go. Grab one of our nutritional smoothie pouches and stay fed all day long. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, snacking, and dinner.

No more skipping meals! No more I don’t have time to cook! No more cravings!

Manage Weight, Curb Appetite & Boost Your Metabolism With FastBlast!

We know that intermittent fasting can be tough. So why not choose the easy and delicious way?

Our organic and tasty smoothies come in ergonomic pouches. Just twist off the top, squeeze and enjoy.

They contain all the necessary ingredients to get you started and keep you full right through the day!

Loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, our all organic Banana-Berry Smoothie features ten fruits and vegetables.

Including a fermented blend of blueberry, carrot, cranberry, apple, broccoli, parsley, spinach and kale together with banana and raspberry.

5 More Reasons Why This Fasting Smoothie Is The Way To Go?

· 100% organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, soy and sugar free.

· Tasty, creamy and delicious. Irresistible flavor!

· Lose weight, feel full, control cravings, and suppress appetite.

· Intermittent fasting on the go. Smoothie in a squeeze pouch.

· Fortify overall health and gain that lost confidence back.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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✓ SUPPORTS INTERMITTENT FASTING: Leading a busy life? Try our delicious banana-berry smoothie. Enjoy limited calorie intake, watch your weight, stay fit and healthy without starving at all!
✓ GOES EVERYWHERE YOU GO: All of our banana berry smoothies come in ergonomic and convenient squeeze pouches. When it’s lunch time, get a smoothie pouch, remove the cap and enjoy. Just needless to say to toss a few more in your bag before you leave home. Ideal for office work, shuttle, beach excursions, picnic, sports, commuting to work, and more.
✓ LONG LASTING RESULTS: FastBlast guarantees part time diet with full time results. Now you’ll FastBlast any two days of the week even as still enjoying the foods you love the rest of the time. Pure perfection, right? With only 6 smoothies per day, now you’ll control your appetite, curb cravings, and stay full and satisfied for hours.
✓ PACKED WITH THE ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS: Being 100% organic, vegan and all natural, suitable for all. Ideal for both women and men. Each smoothie is packed with top of the range nutritional ingredients like organic fermented fruits and vegetables, minerals, fibers, organic pea protein, and coconut cream.
✓ GET THIS BANANA BERRY SMOOTHIE RISK FREE: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this banana berry smoothie is backed by our unconditional 1 year money back guarantee policy. Fit into your old pair of jeans or get your money back! Eliminate shopping, cooking and prepping! Stay strong and healthy with FastBlast!